Our Team

Mike is the Co-Founder and President of Operations. He has over 20 years of direct mail, marketing and financial sector experience. His abilities are critical to the success of Ameritech Advance. As the President of Operations Mike oversees every aspect of our lending department and gives insight and valuable leadership to our direct mail campaign for lead generation.

Brad is the Co-founder and Vice President of Sales. He brings over 11 years of sales operation experience as well as 9 years of internet marketing experiece specifically in payday loans. Brad's experience began working for Sunshine Advance. He moved on and became the Director of Business Development at DirectROI/Cashwest for over 5 years in Mesa, AZ and was the Vice President of Sales for iLeadpay for 3 years. He also was a consultant for Payday lender Fastwirecash, in Ft Lauderdale. His over all vision and vast knowledge drives our company to be the very best in this space.

Jeremy is our CIO and the newest edition to our team. He brings over 12 years of software development experience.